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Project Description
FileExplorer.NET is a .net usercontrol which tries to mimic the Windows FileExplorer treeview.

  • Shows all logical drives of your computer
  • Shows Win32 context menu on right click
  • Fast enough to be usable
  • Shows windows real file/folder icons

For Beginners: Usage
  • Get the latest release of FileExplorer.NET
  • Create a new project using VisualStudio IDE
  • Open ToolBox, in the "General Items" tab, choose "Choose Items".
  • In the new window, browse to the FileExplorerNET control file("FileExplorer.NET") and remember to copy the "images" folder to bin\Debug or bin\Release.
  • Make sure that you've FileExplorer.NET control checked in the "Choose Items" window.
  • Click OK.
  • Now in the toolbox, the new control will be visible, so just drag and drop it on your form to use it.
  • Great, now you've to call manually the Load method of this control in your form constructor.
  • Press F5 and if you've done everything correctly, you'll see this control in action.

It's not compulsory that you use VisualStudio IDE, but you can use also use #Develop.

For further assistance, use the project forum.


Showing all drives

Folder context menu Showing favourite paths

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